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Power: 1800W
Slim and streamlined design
Cooking surface: 1300cm2
Adjustable temperature with thermostat
Dishwasher safe: removable juice tray
Die-Cast aluminium plates
2/3 grill 1/3 Plancha
Non-stick coating
Surface material: non stick


Power : 850W
2 slot toaster
Brushed stainless steel and black elegant exterior
7 adjustable browning levels
Toast lift system for easy removal of small sized bread
Defrost & reheat function
Stop button for immediate terminating of toasting process
Removable crumb tray


Tefal Food Steamer VC1401
Healthier cooking with steamed recipes is possible with the Tefal Food Steamer VC1401. It comes in 2 tiers, so you can steam multiple dishes at a time and they can also be removed when you don't need them and for easy cleaning. With precise timing setting, your food will come out perfect thanks to its timer which can be adjusted up to 60 minutes. The steamer’s water level is visible and lets you refill during cooking if you need to.

  • Power: 1000  W
  • Safety lid: Yes  
  • Cooking programs: 15+2  
  • Accessories: Trivet, measuring cup, spatula  
  • Additional included accessories: Soup Spoon, Rice Spoon
  • Recipe booklet: Yes      
  • Technology: Standard  
  • Control panel: LED  
  • Pressure cooking: Yes     
  • Cooking programs 1: Pressure cook, steam, brown, simmer, slow cook, reheat  
  • Keep warm: Yes      
  • Adjustable: temperature: Yes     
  • Delayed start: Yes     
  • DIY Chef setting: Yes      
  • Bowl thickness: 1.5  mm
  • Inner bowl coating:Non Stick  
  • Removable bowl: Yes      
  • Timer: Yes     
  • Bowl capacity: 6.0  L
  • Removable Cord: Yes  
  • Safety device for overpression: Yes     
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes 
  • Colours: Black 

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Tefal Cook & Clean 4pcs set (B225S4)

  • Wok Pan Diameter: 28cm
  • Pot Diameter: 16cm
  • Glass Lid Diameter: 16cm
  • Spatula 


  • THERMO-SIGNAL® techonology indicates the ideal starting cooking temperature to guarantee perfect texture, colour, and taste for delicious full flavoured meals each and everyday.


  • The high quality non-stick coating is extra durable and resistant thanks to an ultra-reinforced structure and a protective coating enhanced with Titanium.


  • Thanks to its Diffusion Base, the heat is well distributed throughout the pan for good and homogeneous cooking results.


  • Epilation system: Efficient epilation system
  • Epilation discs: Gentle tweezing discs
  • Handle: Compact
  • Cord
  • Ease of use
  • Opti-light
  • Handle: Ergonomic
  • Washable epilation head
  • Sensitive area cap
  • Massage cap
  • Pouch
  • Cleaning brush
  • Voltage: 15V
  • 2-year guarantee

Technical Specifications

Product features
Automatic shut-off
Cool wall exterior
Cord storage
Dishwasher safe
On/off switch
Ready signal
Temperature control
Non-slip feet
Time control
Up to 30 minutes

2-year worldwide guarantee

> 90% recycled materials
User manual
100% recycled paper
Technical specifications

Cord length
0.8  m
1425  W
220  V
Capacity basket
28  oz
Weight and dimensions

Dimensions of product (LxWxH)
287 x 315 x 384  mm
Weight of product
7.0  kg

Deep black

Material of main body


Technical Specifications

  • General specifications
  • Product features
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Cool wall exterior
  • Dishwasher safe
  • On/off switch
  • Ready signal
  • Temperature control
  • Power-on light
  • Quickclean
  • Cancel button
  • Integrated cord storage
  • LED display
  • Patented Rapid Air
  • Preset cooking function
  • Time control
  • Prefix programs
  • 5 Keep warm function 30 min
  • Packaging > 90% recycled materials
  • User manual 100% recycled paper

Technical specifications

  • Cord length 0.8 m
  • Power 2200-2225 W
  • Voltage 220-240 V
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz

Design and finishing

  • Color of control panel Black Color(s)
  • Deep black with copper Material of main body Plastic

Technical Specifications

  • Country of origin: Made in China
  • General specifications
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Cool wall exterior
  • Dishwasher safe
  • On/off switch
  • Ready signal
  • Temperature control
  • Power-on light
  • Quickclean
  • LED display
  • Patented Rapid Air
  • Time control
  • Service
  • 2-year worldwide guarantee: Yes
  • Packaging: > 90% recycled materials
  • User manual: 100% recycled paper
  • Cord length: 0.8 m
  • Power: 2000 W
  • Dimensions of product (LxWxH): 403x315x307 mm
  • Weight of product: 5.55 kg
  • Color: Black
  • Material of main body: Plastic

Product Features
• A 600W powerful blender for perfect and fast blending without chunks
• Tripl’Ax Technology – 6 blades, 3 combined actions & 1 Ultimate Blending
• Air cooling system for optimum motor durability
• Smart Lock: 3 actions : easy lock, safe, easy clean
• Large plastic jar (1,25L useful / 2L total capacity) and ergonomic handle
• Ergonomic rotary button: 2 speeds and a pulse function
• 3 accessories: 1 mini chopper + 1 grinder + Mix Stick

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This cooker excels in all department and is a worthy fit for anyone's home.

For instance, this cooker is installed with 8 different programs that can greatly help users in their cooker. Hence, users are given different options to choose from and select the modes based on what they are cooking for the best possible result.

Having a capacity of 1.8L (equivalent of 10 cups) provides an ample amount of space to store plenty of rice making it suitable for household usage.

Besides that, this cooker is integrated with the 'Reheat and Keep Warm' function that gives a lot more functionality to this cooker and more importantly, it betters users convenience in their cooking adventure.



  • LED Power input: 15 W
  • Power voltage: AC220-240V
  • Input frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Driver: Integrated
  • IP rating: IP20
  • Beam angle: 100 deg.
  • System lumen output: 1350
  • lm System efficacy: 90
  • lm/W CCT: 6500K (Cool DayLight)
  • CRI: 80
  • Life time: 15000
  • Cut out size: 150mm
  • Body: Plastic

Easy and convenient cooking with mechanical timer.
Automatic stop after cooking.
Stackable parts for easy storage.
Visible water level (maximum 1.3 litre).
Able to refill water duirng cooking.
Capacity of 6 litre and Power of 900 W.

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  • 15 bars pressure pump
  • Die-Casting Alum Alloy Boiler
  • 1.25L Detachable transparent water Tank
  • High-Pressure frothing function
  • Overheating & overpressure protected
  • Detachable drip tray for easy cleaning
  • with thermometer
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Power: 1100W
  • Capacity: 1.25 water tank
  • 1 or 2 cups SS filter


  • Pump pressure up to 5.2 bars,
  • Steam boost to 200g/min
  • Heat Up: 2mins to be ready
  • Ceramic soleplate for enhanced gliding
  • 1.2L water tank for up to 1h20 of ironing without refill* (in eco mode)
  • Anti scale cartridges for longer lifespan
  • Compact design for easier handle and storage
  • Lock System for easy and safe transport
  • Steam Cord Storage
  • 2 cartridges included in the pack
  • Vitro Ceramic Panel
  • Power: 2200 W
  • 6 cooking modes : Manual/Low Temperature /Simmering / Boil/ Boost / Stir-Fry / Fry
  • 10 heating Levels
  • 4.8 cm Thickness
  • Crystal Processor 4K - Vivid life-like colour expression in 4K resolution
  • One Remote Function - Control your devices and content with one remote

Wet or Dry, Protective Shave The Aquatouch shaver protects your skin while you enjoy a refreshing shave. Our ComfortCut Blade System with rounded profile heads glides smoothly across, and they're designed to protect your skin.

  • Tourmaline ceramic coating: Yes
  • ThermoProtect: Yes
  • Temperature Settings: 2 settings, 170°C and 200°C
  • Brush shape: Paddle
  • Brushing area (mm): 116 L x 60 W
  • Number of heated bristles: 111
  • Auto shut-off: after 60 min
  • Storage hook: Yes
  • Swivel cord: Yes
  • Total number of bristles: 247
  • Heater type: PTC
  • LED light indicator: White color
  • Cord length: 1.8 m
  • Voltage: Universal  V
  • Wattage: 1000W
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Cord length: 1.5m
  • Motor: DC motor
  • Settings: 2 Speed settings
  • Foldable handle
  • Nozzle / Concentrator
  • 2-year guarantee

Assisted Opening Lid for Easier Filling & Cleaning
Power: 1800 - 2150W
Heat barrier to better protect your hands
Stainless steel interior
Double layer insulation
Assisted opening lid for easier filling and cleaning
Pilot light with automatic switch off
360° rotational base


Optitouch handblender ensures the precise blending texture you need: from creamy to chunky soups, compotes and smoothies, results are perfect every time.
Thanks to its 16 speeds and unique ActivFlow Technology featuring 4 large stainless steel blades (2 straight and 2 curved) Optitouch provides exceptional mixing performance.
Rounding it all off are 600 W of power, an anti-splash guard and a soft-touch grip, for optimal comfort of use.
Also included are a 500 ml mini-chopper and a whisk to offer you infinite possibilities.


Product Benefit : THERMO-SIGNAL® - technology indicates the ideal starting cooking temperature that guarantee perfect texture, color and taste for delicious full-flavored meals Titanium NON-STICK - The high-quality non-stick coating is extra durable and resistant, thanks to an ultra-reinforced “structure and a protective” coating enhanced with Titanium. - Thanks to its Diffusion Base, the heat is well distributed throughout the pan for good and homogeneous cooking results. - Inside and outside Non-Stick Coating allows you to clean your pan effortless. Just use a sponge wipe it with dish detergent and rinse. So easy! - The ergonomic stay-cool handles ensure safe cooking and added comfort of use. - Compatible with all stovetops (gas, electric, ceramic), except induction. Dimension (cm): B5038995 Tefal Cook Easy Wokpan 32cm : 60.3 x 33.8 x 11.4 (1.58KG)

  • Control panel: LCD
  • Pressure cooking: Yes
  • Keep warm: Yes
  • Adjustable temperature: Yes
  • Delayed start: Yes
  • DIY Chef setting: Yes
  • Bowl thickness: 1.8 mm
  • Inner bowl coating: Ceramic
  • Removable bowl: Yes
  • Timer: Yes
  • Bowl capacity: 4.8 L
  • Removable cord: Yes

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  • Cutter width: 32 mm
  • Cutting element: Bi-directional trimmer
  • Skin comfort: Skin protection system, Comfort in sensitive areas
  • Number of length settings: 1 fixed length setting
  • Included batteries: AA battery included
  • Shower cord: Yes
  • Secured length settings: Yes
  • Wet & Dry: Fully washable, Showerproof and easy cleaning
  • Operation: Cordless use
  • Maintenance free: No oil needed, No need to replace the blades
  • Handle: Ergonomic grip & handling
  • Battery type: AA battery
  • Run time: Up to 2 months


Sleek and Stylish Casing
2k Spray Paint Finish with 2 Colour Options
Stepless Electronic Power Control
Accesso ries 

3.8” Showerhead (Pat.Pending)
3 Spray Showerhead
¼ Turn Valve for turn On/Off Shower
Triple Reinforced Hose
Slim & Chromed Slider Bar

Thermostat with Safety Cut-Out
Double Poles ELCB System with 10mA sensitivity
Splash Proof IP25 Casing


Power Supply [V]: 240 a.c.
Power Consumption [kw]: 3.6k
Booster Pump: No
Water Stop System: Water Control Valve
Power Stop System: On / Off Power Knob
Water Pressure: 
Max: 380kPa
Min: 9.8kPa
Power Selection: Electric Power Control
Water Temperature Control: Inlet Temp. ~Max
Body Dimension - H x W x D: 380mm x 190mm x 93mm
Weight: 1.6kg
Color: Grey
LCD Display: No
Duration Selection: No
Cool Temp. Selection: No
Bubble: No
Beat: No
Shower Head Design: Round
Shower Head: 
Type of Shower Spray: 1-Way
Antibacterial Shower Plate: No
Safety Device: 9 Safety Points
Features :
Sliding Rail: No
Shower Tray: No
Filter: Yes


Model Number: FV1024
Power: 1200 W
Solplate Type: PTFE Non stick soleplate
Steam & Dry position – option to switch to the dry position if wanted
Continuous steam output of up to 10g/min shot of steam flow reaches up to 50g/min for smooth ironing
Vertical steaming for hanging garments
Water tank capacity: 150 ml/cc
Cord length: 1.80m / 5.9 feet


Product Features

800W powerful blender for fast and efficient blending
New POWELIX Technology, up to 30% faster* – Optimal durability,
Optimal cutting performance & Optimal texture.
Air cooling system for optimum motor durability
Smart Lock: 3 actions : easy lock, easy safety, easy clean
Thermal shock resistant glass jar up to 80’C
Capacity: 1.25L useful, 1.75L total
Ergonomic rotary button: 2 speeds and a pulse function
Suction feet for more stability


• Fast Heat Up With 1200 Watt Element
• Lightweight for easy handling
• Non-stick soleplate
• Power indicator lamp